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Save hours of your precious time while Frazier takes care of the tricky stuff.
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Start creating your script right away in Frazier's easy-to-use Audio Description Editor.

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Upload your video to Frazier and work in your browser. No need to download any software or stress about compatibility issues. 
Watch the video while you work. No more separate repeat viewings - simply use the in-built video player to follow along.
Type your description and watch the cue point appear in the timeline. No tech background required - our guide helps you along the way.
Use drag and drop to move your cue points around and perfect the timing. No time wasted fiddling around with timecodes.
Use human-like synthetic voices to read out your Audio Description script. Know right away whether your description is the right fit.
Translate your script in one click. Produce your work in different languages with Frazier's cutting-edge machine translation technology.
Frazier Testimonial Cara
VIDEO TO VOICE's audio description software Frazier is a marvel! It's incredibly intuitive, easy to learn (I was creating a script within 20 minutes), and has been carefully crafted with AD describers at the forefront. The workflow is quick, simple, and user friendly, it's quite simply a dream! The artificial voices narrate the captions with a warmth and realism that I've never seen previously. The technical support is also fast, friendly and extremely helpful, which is an asset in an industry governed by quick delivery dates and deadlines.
Voice Over Artist and Audio Describer

Deliver your transcript in one simple click.

Delivering audio description scripts to your clients has never been so easy. Simply select the format you need and hit export. 





Frazier Testimonial Cara
A big thumbs-up to the developers! Frazier is super straightforward and intuitive. Its many useful features make our jobs a whole lot easier. The support is fantastic.
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