ADM Export

How do I export an ADM (MPEG-H Profile) audio file?

MPEG-H Audio is an innovative object-based audio system that removes accessibility hurdles for the end user. Benefits include improved dialogue intelligibility through enhanced speech, multiple language versions and audio description within the same stream, accessible presets as part of the regular broadcast, and options to customize audio object levels and positions. 

aba mix m
  1. Go to the File section
  2. Open the submenu (3 dots) next to the tts audio file
  3. Select “Automated Mix (ABA)”
  4. Select Original Audio Track
  5. Select Voice
  6. Select Preset
  7. Click “Start”
  8. You can download the files from your project page (Files section)
adm file list

Download files

Right-click on the file you want to download and select “Save link as...”. The file will then be downloaded to your hard drive.

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