How do I add audio description instructions on Frazier?

How to add audio description instructions to the script

It is often useful to include instructions for the studio or voice artist in your audio description script. This information may relate to the style in which the description should be read out, pronunciations or even commercial breaks.

Frazier allows you to add audio description instructions to the script.

audio description instructions

  1. When you create a new description, there is a text field for entering instructions above 
  2. Simply add any information or text that shouldn't be read out in the text field marked "Add instructions here...". This text will appear in italics. 
When you export the script, the instructions will appear above the description.
How do I add instructions to my audio description script? The instruction is indicated in italics in the exported script.

Please note that this feature is currently only available in the Authoring plan. 

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