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How does the bulk edit function work?

The bulk edit function is a good way to apply changes to multiple cue points and descriptions.

This function is particularly useful if you need to change the timecode for a selection or all of your descriptions.

Using the bulk edit function

First, click on the quick navigation feature in the top right of the editor.

This will then open up a sidebar containing all the cue points in the script.

A quick navigation sidebar containing all the cue points in the audio description script

Click on the light blue bulk edit button to select all the cue points.

Quick navigation sidebar with cue points marked

You can select and deselect individual cue points using the check marks next to them.

You can use the search field to filter cue points containing the search term.

If you want to change the timecode of the marked cue points, use the function at the bottom of the sidebar.

Change timecode with entry field, rewind, and fast forward buttons

You can enter in the amount of time in the entry field. Use the rewind or fast forward button to change the timecode.