Create script

How do I create an audio description script on Frazier?

Once you have created a new document, the editor opens up. To the left of centre, you’ll see your video. Below, there’s the timeline showing a waveform of the video’s audio. Your lines of audio description will appear on the right.

create script

How to create a text block

To write your first line of audio description, click on the “+” symbol to the left of the timeline or hit enter. 

A text block will now appear on the right. This is where you write your text.

How to preview your description

Once you have written your text, you can preview what it sounds like by clicking the play button.

How to change the voice or speed

You can change the voice and adjust the speed using the dropdown menus.

How to calculate the length of the cue point

Once you have written your text, you will notice a blue box appearing in the timeline. This is the cue point. The size of the cue point is determined by the length of the text. Adjusting the speed or amount of text will shorten or lengthen the cue point accordingly.

How to move and delete cue points

You can move around the cue points using drag and drop or the bulk edit feature to fine tune your audio description’s timing.

To delete a line of audio description, click on the red dustbin symbol in the top right corner of the text block.

To add another line, simply click on the “+” symbol or hit enter again.