Knowledge Base

🎞 Creating a New Project

  1. After logging in, you’ll be taken to the overview of all your projects.
  2. To create a new project, click on “+ New Project”.
  3. Next give your project a title and specify the language.
  4. Click on “Create Project”.
  5. You’ll now be taken to the project overview.
  6. 👉 In the top right corner, there’s a checklist. This shows your progress through the project and what you need to do next.
Now it’s time to upload the video you will be working on. To do so, click on “New Video”.

❗ Before you upload a video, make sure it complies with the following requirements.❗

Video Requirements

  • MP4
  • H264 Codec

Open Source Video Transcoder

In case you’re unsure about video codecs, we recommend using Handbrake. This tool is useful for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs, including H264.

  1. Now select your video by clicking on “Choose File”.

  2. If your video has a burnt-in timecode that differs from 00:00:00.00, please specify it here.

  3. Click on “Save”.

  4. 👉 The video is now being uploaded to the platform, as indicated by the loading dots.

  5. ✅ Once the video has been uploaded, a check mark will appear.

  6. It’s now time to set up the document for your audio description. Click on “New Document.”

    You’ll now see the following screen:

  7. First, give your document a title.

  8. Next, choose the language. This will then filter the voices to include only those for the language.

  9. There’s a section to add any notes. This is useful if you’re working with another user.

  10. After that, select the default voice you want for your audio description. You can always change the default voice later in the project. Your audio description can also contain various voices.

  11. Next, choose the default voice speed. There are three options to choose from.

  12. Now you can listen to a preview of the voice. Type in some text and click on the play button.

  13. There is also an option to import existing scripts.

  14. To finish click on “Create”.

  15. ✅ The green check mark shows that your document has been created.

It’s now time to start writing your audio description script.