Custom script templates

How do I use custom audio description script templates on Frazier?

With Frazier Professional you can upload custom audio description script templates onto the platform. In your template, you can customise the design and include information such as the project title, latest updates, and the number of cue points. You can even add images such as your company logo to the script template.

Customize template

The demo template contains all the data we can generate from Frazier. All content written in brackets are variables that we fill with content. 

template s1


  • {project_title} > project title
  • {document_title} > document title

Cover page:

  • {project_title} > project title
  • {document_title} > document title
  • {updated_at} > last updated
  • {count} > number of text blocks
template s2



Start with the {#cuePoints} block:


This will be repeated for every cue point in your script.

You can use the following tags inside this block:

  • {id} > incremental number, starting at 1
  • {start} > start timecode (TCIN)
  • {end} > end timecode (TCOUT)
  • {#hasDialogue}{dialogue}{/hasDialogue} > dialogue/instructions field
  • {voice} > selected voice for read out
  • {#speed0}s0 {/speed0} etc. > speed (0 – normal, 1 – fast, 2 – faster)
  • {#text}{.}{/text} > plain text without formats (e.g. Bold, Italic)


  • {people} > people
  • {locations} > locations
  • {things} > objects
  • {tags} Combined > Tags combined


  • {username} > username

If you don't need some of the variables (e.g. the glossary and the username), you can simply delete them.


Rich Text

There are two predefined blocks, which include the dialogue, speed and formatted text from the editor (Bold, Italic etc.) Use these as an alternative to the basic tags. Note, that styling is limited here, as the whole block will have the same font, color etc.


  • {@richText1} > renders speed settings as s and s+
  • {@richText2} > renders speed settings as s and ss

Upload Template

Once you have created your template, you can upload it onto Frazier.

  1. First, click on Profile in the bottom left.
  2. Next, got to on “Authoring” > “Manage Templates”.
  3. Now click on Choose File and select your template.
  4. When you export your script, the template will be available in the Document Type dropdown.

Download demo template

Download the demo template and customize it according to your requirements.

demo with all options

Please note that this feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise plan.