Demo project

Get started without delay

We have created a demo project for you. It contains an excerpt from the film Big Buck Bunny and is already set up so that you can test the editor immediately.

There are two documents in the demo project:

  1. The “Demo Manuscript” contains an example of an audio description, and shows you where the journey is going. Take a look and start the video. Our app plays the video and reads out the audio description.
  2. A blank document, “your manuscript”. Here you can get started immediately & write your first audio description.

Delete the demo project

As soon as you are done with the demo and don't need it anymore, you can delete it. To delete it, go back to the project list and select the option “Delete” in the context menu of the demo project.

Next you can start your first own project.

The Editor Tour

When you open the editor for the first time, a short tour is started. Please take a few minutes. It only takes 2 minutes. Follow the instructions, and you will quickly understand how the editor works.

Tip: The tour encourages you to join in ;).

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