Create folders

Create folders to better structure your projects.

folder new
  1. Click on the submenu (3 dots) next to the button “New project”.
  2. “New folder”.
  3. Assign names.
  4. Add notes.
  5. “Create”.

Move file to folder

If you have mistakenly created a project in a folder, you can of course move the project.

folder move
  1. Open folder.
  2. Open the submenu of the project.
  3. “Move to...”

Rename folder

folder rename
  1. Open the submenu of the folder
  2. “Settings”.
  3. Rename name.

Delete folder

folder delete
  1. If you no longer need the folder, simply tidy it up and delete it.
  2. Open the submenu of the folder
  3. “Delete”.

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