What Frazier shortcuts can I use while writing my audio description script?

Useful Frazier shortcuts

When you are using Frazier, take advantage of Frazier shortcuts to make the audio description script writing process a whole lot easier.

How do I create an audio description script

Video Player

The video player is easy to use, allowing you to work on your project quickly and efficiently.


Left / Right - one frame backward/forward

left right

Shift + Left / Right - 3 seconds backward/forward

shift left right

Space - play and pause the video


Creating cue points

Enter on empty track - new cue point, Enter on existing track - edit cue point




Esc - close editor, back to video player


Up / Down - move in text between cue points

up down

Tab - focus next input field


Shift + Tab - focus previous

shift tab

Text Editor / Formats

Use the CMD key if you are using a Mac.

Speak stronger

ctrl I

Speak weaker

ctrl I

Change pronunciation ("Souns-Like")

ctrl p


ctrl z


ctrl y

Delete cue point (needs verification)

ctrl d

Edit tags and position

Tag things

alt shift t

Tag Locations

alt shift l

Tag people

alt shift p

Add Comment to the chat

alt shift c

Move cue point one frame backwards

alt shift left

Move cue point one frame forwards

alt shift right

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