Video player

How does the Frazier video player work?

The Frazier video player is easy to use, allowing you to work on your project quickly and efficiently.

Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation:

  • Arrow keys: move one frame forward or back
  • SHIFT + arrow keys: move 3 seconds forward or back
  • SPACE: play and pause the video
  • ENTER: create new cue point
  • ESC: leave cue point

Using the video player in Firefox

In Firefox, you can use Watch in Picture-in-Picture mode to move the video preview around. This is a popular option for audio describers on Frazier as it allows them to customise their workspace when working with dual screens. The size of the video player can also be adjusted. Simply right-click on the preview and select Watch in Picture-in-Picture mode.

Using the video player in Firefox