FTP Video Upload

How does the FTP video upload work? 

With FTP Video Upload, you can upload several movies at once and create projects automatically. This is useful if you want to describe a series with a lot of episodes. 

If you want to use the FTP Video Upload, please write an email to support@videotovoice.com.

Create Project

In the project overview, click on the 3 dots next to the “+ New Project” button and select “FTP”.  You can create each project one by one or all projects at once.

Create project one by one

ftp project single
  1. Click on the 3 dots in the list
  2. Select “New Project”
  3. Click “Import”
  4. Enter Project Details

Create all projects at once

We use the file name for the project title. Be smart about how you name your videos when you upload them to the server.

ftp select video
  1. Select Videos
  2. Optional: Delete file from FTP after successful initialization.
  3. Optional: Templates for FTP imports
  4. Click “Import”

Templates for FTP imports (BETA)

You can create a template from a project for FTP import. More information will follow …

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