How do I compress videos for Frazier on HandBrake?

Compress videos for Frazier on HandBrake

Before uploading a video to Frazier, you need to make sure it is compressed in the right format and codec. So that you can work as efficiently as possible on Frazier, your video should meet the following requirements:

  • MP4 format
  • H.264 codec

If MP4 and H.264 are unfamiliar to you, here's a quick definition of each term:

MP4 format

MP4 is a file container format which binds video and audio information together. You'll notice the file name will end with .mp4.

H.264 codec

Codec stands for compression-decompression. Essentially, it is an algorithm that makes your video readable and playable on your device. H.264 is a fast and efficient video compression codec, making it the most popular and widely-supported choice.

Confused? Don't worry - our guide shows you how to compress your videos quickly and easily with a useful little application called HandBrake. 

The most common video settings in Frazier



  • H.264
  • 720p
  • 2-6MBit/s
  • PCM, Stereo
  • 48kHz, uncompressed


  • H.264
  • 720p
  • 2-6MBit/s
  • AAC, Stereo
  • 48kHz
  • 320kBit/s

Why should you use HandBrake?

Videos come in various formats and sizes, some of which can be extremely large and cumbersome. As a result, this can slow down performance and result in compatibility issues.

That's why it is best to get your video in the right format and codec before uploading it on Frazier.

We recommend using HandBrake to reduce the size of your videos. The tool is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Since it's free and easy to use, HandBrake is a very popular choice for creating H.264 video from any video file. Here's how it all works:

How to use HandBrake - a step-by-step guide

The following screenshots were taken on Windows; the interface may look different on Mac or Linux operating systems.

1. First, download the correct version of HandBrake for your operating system at. You'll find it at

2. Open HandBrake.

3. A file browser window should automatically appear, allowing you to upload or drag and drop your file. If this window doesn't appear, click on Open Source in the top left corner.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of the tool's interface with Open Source button in the corner.

4. Select the file you want to compress and click on Open.

5. Select where you want your compressed video file to be saved by clicking on Browse... in the bottom right corner.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of the interface with a preview of the uploaded video appearing in the center. The Browse button is in the bottom right corner.

6. In Save As, give your compressed video file a name. Next, click on Save.

7. Under Format in the Summary tab, select MP4 File.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of interface with Format dropdown menu. MP4 format is selected.

8. Under Video Encoder in the Video tab, select H.264 (x264).

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of video encoder dropdown options with H.264 (x264) selected.

9. In the Encoder Options, select High under the Encoder Profile.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of the Encoder Profile with High selected.

10. Under Framerate (FPS), select Same as source. Tick the Constant framerate checkbox to ensure better compatibility.

You can also change the frame rate of the video if you have instructions to do so.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of the frame rate dropdown with Same as source selected.

11. Under Codec in the Audio tab, select AAC (avcodec). Select 320 for the Bitrate, Stereo for the Mixdown, and 48 for the Samplerate.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot of the audio settings.

12. Next, hit the green play button to start encoding.

How to use HandBrake tutorial. Screenshot showing the green Start Encode play button.

13. You're done! It may take a few moments to create your compressed, newly encoded video.

14. You can also save these settings as a preset. Click on the Presets dropdown in the top left corner and select Save New Preset.

As you can see, it's very simple to compress your videos and get them in the right format. If you need any further assistance, contact us at