Local mode

How to activate local mode

Local mode means that you do not have to upload the video to our server. The video will be played from your computer.

local mode profile
  1. Open profile
  2. Scroll to the “Authoring” section and click on “Configure editor”.
  3. Select the video source
    1. Ask – decide when creating a new project.
    2. Server – video will be uploaded
    3. Local storage – video will be played from the hard disk.
  4. “Refresh”

When should I use local mode?

  • Sometimes it happens that you are not allowed to upload your film to a server for security reasons.
  • Unfortunately, it does happen from time to time that the internet connection is weak 😉


In order to be able to use the local mode, a few things must be taken into account.

  1. The film should be available in .MP4 (H264) format.
  2. If several users are working on the project, each user needs the film.

Select video

Instead of uploading the video to a project, you need to select it from your hard drive. 

  1. Create a project, choose “Local storage”
  2. Create a document
  3. The editor will open and you can select a video.
local mode select video

Video analysis

In order to generate an audio track, we need to analyse the video. 

local mode select video message

Please do not cancel the process and wait until the analysis is complete. The film will play at an increased speed during the analysis. So if you select a 90-minute film, please allow enough time for the analysis.

When the analysis is complete, the audio track will appear, and you will be sure that the analysis was successful. Should an error occur, please contact support@videotovoice.com.

local mode editor

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