How do I move audio description cue points around?

How to move audio description cue points around

There are a number of ways to move audio description cue points around.

How do I move audio descriptions cue points around

  1. Click into the text block and use the arrows to move the description one frame forward or back.
  2. Move the description around in the timeline using drag and drop. The description's timecode will be updated.

The following video shows you how to offset multiple descriptions in one go

You can also use the bulk edit feature to offset the timecode of multiple descriptions. This feature is useful if you have to offset descriptions for new edits of the video or when commercial breaks are added.

  1. Click on the quick navigation feature in the top right corner of the editor.
  2. Click on the light blue edit symbol.
  3. Use the check marks to select and deselect which descriptions you want to offset.
  4. Under Change Timecode, enter the amount of time you need to offset the group of descriptions by.
  5. Use the rewind button to move the selected group of descriptions backwards by the specified amount of time. Use the fast-forward button to move the selected descriptions forwards. In this example, the descriptions will be offset by 7 seconds. 

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