Create Your First Text-To-Speech Audio Description in Minutes

Call all the shots with Frazier. Save time and money while our game-changing software takes care of post-production.

Start creating your script right away in Frazier's easy-to-use Audio Description Editor.

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Write your script in Frazier. Eliminate time-consuming tasks and listen to a real-time preview of your work in our award-winning editor. 
Import existing scripts into Frazier. Upload your SRT file and watch your descriptions appear in the editor at the right timings.
Translate your script in one click. Produce your work in different languages with Frazier's cutting-edge machine translation technology.
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Let Frazier's human-sounding synthetic voices do the talking...

We tested Frazier's lifelike voices on native speakers and this is what they had to say. 

Paul - British English

"The synthetic voice is very convincing. It sounds like something you would hear on a radio show."

Katja - Deutsch

"The synthetic voice called "Katja" sounds very natural in terms of pronunciation and speech melody."

Nora - Italiano

"The voices sounded authentic in Italian. The quality was good overall."

Choose from over 540 voices in 40 languages to read out the script. 
Refine the pronunciation with the "Sounds like" feature. 
Generate and download the audio file in one click. 
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Let Frazier's AI technology take care of audio post-production...

Frazier automates all of the tricky parts in audio post-production, so your audio description is ready to broadcast in minutes.
Lower the background noise to common preset levels when the audio description is being read out. 
Choose from broadcast standards such as EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 to ensure your mix meets relevant guidelines.

Start your mix in one click and your file is ready in minutes. Download your broadcast-ready video.

Frazier Testimonial Cara
We have been using Frazier for quite a while now, and have only had positive experiences with the software. Text to speech audio description is second to none, especially for short productions.
Stephan Kalesse
Managing Director, No Limits Media
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