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Work with 500+ voices by the best text-to-speech services out there, including Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, and Microsoft Neural.
Create a broadcast-ready mix for web, cinema or TV in minutes (Web, EBU R 128 and ATSC A/85)
Non-commercial use
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World's #1 AD editor
Text-to-speech voice output
Automated audio post-production
Machine translation
Audio and video export
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1 user
World's #1 AD editor
Text-to-speech voice output
Automated audio post-production
Machine translation
Audio and video export

Frequently asked questions

What does the “free trial” involve?

If you sign up for the free trial, you can use our authoring and production tools for 7 days free of charge. You don’t need to provide any credit card or payment details.

What can I do during the trial?

The trial allows you to use all the features in our authoring and production tools. This includes:

  • writing audio description and voice-over scripts.
  • voice output using text-to-speech technology and download as WAV.
  • automatic mixing of the original audio track with the text-to-speech audio track and subsequent export as WAV.
  • generating the video with the audio description or automated mix as MP4.

Do I have to pay anything after 7 days?

No. Your account will be frozen once the 7 days are up. If you want to continue using our tools, please contact us by email at

How many times can I sign up for a free trial?

You can only sign up for the free trial once. If you liked using our tools, you can contact us by email at

What happens when the trial is over?

Once the 7-day trial is over, your account will be frozen. If you want to continue using our production tools, please contact us so that we can agree on a plan.

What happens to my content once the trial is over?

If you don’t want to continue using our tools, you have 30 days to download your content before your account is deleted.

Once I've signed up for a plan, where do the costs come in for you and me?

Every time a text-to-speech audio description is generated on our platform, costs are incurred on our side. To avoid accumulating unnecessary costs, we ask users to generate the final text-to-speech only once the final script has been approved.

Corrections are of course part and parcel of the audio description process. But to avoid generating multiple mixes unnecessarily, we recommend adding the client to the project as a sub-account in order to check the script on our platform. Once you and your client are happy with the script, you can generate the final text-to-speech audio description.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us by email at

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