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Text-to-speech audio descriptions created with our tools have appeared in productions made by these companies:

Start creating your script right away in our easy-to-use Audio Description Editor.

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Here's how it works...
Write your script in Frazier. Eliminate time-consuming tasks and listen to a real-time preview of your work in our award-winning editor. 
Import existing scripts into Frazier. Upload your SRT file and watch your descriptions appear in the editor at the right timings.
Translate your script in one click. Produce your work in different languages with our cutting-edge machine translation technology.

Let our human-sounding synthetic voices do the talking...

We tested out our lifelike voices on native speakers and this is what they had to say. 

Paul - British English

"The synthetic voice is very convincing. It sounds like something you would hear on a radio show."

Sarah - American English

"Sarah's voice sounded very natural on the ear. The way she speaks is almost indistinguishable from a human voice."

Will - Australian English

"Very realistic! It's nice to hear an Aussie voice when it's usually an American or British speaker used."

Katja - Deutsch

"The synthetic voice called "Katja" sounds very natural in terms of pronunciation and speech melody. The male WaveNet-B option is also a great quality voice. The progress made in TTS in the past few years is remarkable!"

Leni - Switzerdütsch

"Really cool that you now have synthetic voices for Swiss German - it sounds very close to someone from Zurich."

Henri - Français

"I found it extremely good to be honest! The voice sounded authentic throughout."

Pablo - Español

"The quality of the voices was good, very natural!"

Paula - Português

"I was very positively surprised by the synthetic voice. I’d also say 90%, even 95% authentic sometimes. Honestly, the best I’ve heard so far."

Дмитрий - Русский

"Dmitry's voice is very natural. I have a friend from Saint Petersburg and he has the same voice! :) No difference from the automatic one!"

Nora - Italiano

"The Amazon voices sounded authentic in Italian. The quality was good overall."

Dawid - Polski

"The WaveNet voice sounded natural throughout the entire dialogue. I was impressed!"

Chi Ming - Mandarin Chinese

"The voice is very good, it sounds natural."
Here's how it works...
Choose from over 540 voices in 40 languages to read out the script. Adjust the accent to ensure your audio description is right for your audience.
Refine the pronunciation with the "Sounds like" feature. Ensure names and places are correctly stressed throughout your audio description.
Generate the audio file in one click. Your perfectly timed audio description is now ready for mixing and mastering.
Frazier Testimonial Cara
We have been using VIDEO TO VOICE's tools for quite a while now, and have only had positive experiences with them. Text to speech audio description is second to none, especially for short productions.
Stephan Kalesse
Managing Director, No Limits Media

Let our AI technology take care of audio post-production...

We automate all of the tricky parts in audio post-production, so your audio description is ready to broadcast in minutes.
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Here's how it works...
Select a ducking level that fits your video. Lower the background noise to common preset levels when the audio description is being read out. 
Select the loudness target for your mix. Choose from broadcast standards such as EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 to ensure your mix meets relevant guidelines.
Select the original audio track and your text-to-speech audio description. Start your mix in one click and your file is ready in minutes.

Deliver a professional text-to-speech audio description in minutes...

Create audio-described videos that meets all of your client's requirements for TV, web or cinema.
Audio describe content for your website or YouTube channel quickly and at low cost. 
Download the text-to-speech audio file for apps such as Greta or Earcatch.

It's as simple as that!

Now you know how to create a professional text-to-speech audio description all by yourself in just a few minutes.

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Work with 500+ voices by the best text-to-speech services out there, including Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, and Microsoft Neural.
Create a broadcast-ready mix for web, cinema or TV in minutes (Web, EBU R 128 and ATSC A/85)
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Frequently asked questions

What does the “free trial” involve?

If you sign up for the free trial, you can use our authoring and production tools for 7 days free of charge. You don’t need to provide any credit card or payment details.

What can I do during the trial?

The trial allows you to use all the features in our authoring and production tools. This includes:

  • writing audio description and voice-over scripts.
  • voice output using text-to-speech technology and download as WAV.
  • automatic mixing of the original audio track with the text-to-speech audio track and subsequent export as WAV.
  • generating the video with the audio description or automated mix as MP4.

Do I have to pay anything after 7 days?

No. Your account will be frozen once the 7 days are up. If you want to continue using our tools, please contact us by email at

How many times can I sign up for a free trial?

You can only sign up for the free trial once. If you liked using our tools, you can contact us by email at

What happens when the trial is over?

Once the 7-day trial is over, your account will be frozen. If you want to continue using our production tools, please contact us so that we can agree on a plan.

What happens to my content once the trial is over?

If you don’t want to continue using our tools, you have 30 days to download your content before your account is deleted.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us by email at

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