Let Frazier's human-sounding synthetic voices do the talking...

We tested Frazier's lifelike voices on native speakers and this is what they had to say. 

Paul - British English

"The synthetic voice is very convincing. It sounds like something you would hear on a radio show."

Sarah - American English

"Sarah's voice sounded very natural on the ear. The way she speaks is almost indistinguishable from a human voice."

Will - Australian English

"Very realistic! It's nice to hear an Aussie voice when it's usually an American or British speaker used."

Katja - Deutsch

"The synthetic voice called "Katja" sounds very natural in terms of pronunciation and speech melody. The male WaveNet-B option is also a great quality voice. The progress made in TTS in the past few years is remarkable!"

Leni - Switzerdütsch

"Really cool that you now have synthetic voices for Swiss German - it sounds very close to someone from Zurich."

Henri - Français

"I found it extremely good to be honest! The voice sounded authentic throughout."

Pablo - Español

"The quality of the voices was good, very natural!"

Paula - Português

"I was very positively surprised by the synthetic voice. I’d also say 90%, even 95% authentic sometimes. Honestly, the best I’ve heard so far."

Дмитрий - Русский

"Dmitry's voice is very natural. I have a friend from Saint Petersburg and he has the same voice! :) No difference from the automatic one!"

Nora - Italiano

"The Amazon voices sounded authentic in Italian. The quality was good overall."

Dawid - Polski

"The WaveNet voice sounded natural throughout the entire dialogue. I was impressed!"

Chi Ming - Mandarin Chinese

"The voice is very good, it sounds natural."
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Text to speech audio description is second to none, especially for short productions.

Stephan Kalesse
Managing Director, No Limits Media
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