Write a perfectly timed audio description

Frazier is a timed text editor that lets you listen to your audio description right away.

There are many challenges when writing an audio description

Does the description fit into the gaps between the dialogues?

Does the timing of your description match the acoustic information of the original video?
In which document format should the script be delivered?

Frazier will help you create a script that your client will love.

Your descriptions always have the perfect text length so that they always fit between two dialogues.

You can position your description exactly in the video so that the timing of your descriptions is always perfect.

You can choose between different formats and export your manuscript the way your customer needs it.

How it works



The text length is calculated automatically, so you can immediately see if the text fits between two dialogues and if the timing is perfect.


Listen to your audio description right away.


Export your audio description script in DOCX, VTT, SRT, CSV or XML format.

What do audio describers say?

“Frazier is a marvel! It's incredibly intuitive, easy to learn.”

“Anyone can use Frazier to create an audio description.”

“Frazier's many useful features make our jobs a whole lot easier.”
“The one-click wonder – you can get so much done with just one click.”

“Efficient workflow that we can also monitor.”

“Simplifying my daily work routine.”
“Needs as authors are taken seriously.”
“Writing audio descriptions with Frazier can be a lot of fun.”
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