Audio description is not complicated.

Frazier is an editor for audio description with a read-aloud function. You can listen to your description immediately and determine if it matches the original sound.

Professional audio describers trust Frazier

There are many problems with manuscript creation.


Does the audio description fit between two dialogues?


Is the timing appropriate?


Is the manuscript correctly formatted?

Frazier will help you write an audio description that your client will love.


Your descriptions are always conciseย and to the point.


The timing is absolutely perfect.


Your manuscript has the correct format.

What do audio describers say?

"Frazier is a marvel! It's incredibly intuitive, easy to learn."
Frazier Testimonial. Image of Cara Edney
Cara Edney
Audio Describer (UK)

"Anyone can use Frazier to create an audio description."

Frazier Testimonial. Image of Sascha Lienert
Sascha Lienert
Managing Director, Februar Film
"Frazier's many useful features make our jobs a whole lot easier."
Frazier Testimonial. Image of Alexa Lintner
Alexa Lintner
Audio Describer (Switzerland)
"The one-click wonder โ€“ you can get so much done with just one click."
Frazier Testimonial. Image of Gabriele Hahn
Gabriele Hahn
Access Services, SwissTXT

โ€œText-to-speech audio description is second to none.โ€

Frazier Testimonial. Image of Stephan Kalesse
Stefan Kalesse
Managing Director, No Limits Media
"It's affordable, easy to use, and I love that it auto-times the descriptions."
Frazier Testimonial. Image of Jo Ellis
Jo Ellis
Audio Describer (Australia)

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