We help audio describers to create audio description in less time and with less effort.

Save up to 40% time per project with intelligent timecodes, a read-aloud function, and standardized export templates.

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Say goodbye to time-consuming audio description workflows

Standard audio description production

  • Install Software on your computer
  • Use Microsoft Word and additional video player
  • Typing time codes
  • Read script aloud
  • Format documents according to customer requirements
  • Send scripts by e-mail for approval
  • Hiring voice artists and studios

Audio description production with Frazier

  • Work in your browser
  • Text editor with built-in video player
  • Automatic time codes
  • Live-Preview with text to speech
  • Custom script templates
  • Team collaboration
  • Export broadcast-ready audio files

How to create an audio description in 3 steps with Frazier.


Write and preview your script against the original soundtrack.

  • Type and watch the cue point automatically appear in the timeline.
  • Preview your description in 40+ languages (500+ voices).

Invite colleagues for approvals and reviews.

  • Build an audio describer network and collaborate on projects.
  • Work on an audio description script with several colleagues at the same time.

Deliver your audio description with one click.

  • Export your script in SubRip, WebVTT, Word, XML, CSV or TTML format.
  • Create an audio file from your script in WAV or ADM (MPEG-H Profile) format.

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"Frazier is a marvel! It's incredibly intuitive, easy to learn."
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Cara Edney
Audio Describer (UK)

"Anyone can use Frazier to create an audio description."

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Sascha Lienert
Managing Director, Februar Film
"Frazier's many useful features make our jobs a whole lot easier."
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Alexa Lintner
Audio Describer (Switzerland)
"The one-click wonder – you can get so much done with just one click."
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Gabriele Hahn
Access Services, SwissTXT

“Text-to-speech audio description is second to none.”

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Stefan Kalesse
Managing Director, No Limits Media
"It's affordable, easy to use, and I love that it auto-times the descriptions."
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Jo Ellis
Audio Describer (Australia)

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