Frazier Addons

Add more features to the Text Editor.


Translate your manuscript into 28 languages seamlessly using DeepL.
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Neural Voices

Along with the standard voices, utilize the neural voices provided by AWS, Google, or Microsoft.
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Enhance your audio content with ElevenLabs voices, in addition to standard and neural options.
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Audio Export

Choose between exporting a single audio file with breaks or a ZIP file with multiple audio files for later usage.
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Automated Mix

Generate a broadcast-ready mix automatically, ensuring compliance with the EBU R128 guideline or customization for diverse application scenarios.
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As an alternative to the classic stereo mix, we utilize Fraunhofer MPEG-H Audio, allowing for the creation of "next generation audio" mixes.
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Frazier provides SFTP import support to enhance efficiency for larger volumes.
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LanguageTool is a multilingual spelling, style, and grammar checker that helps correct or paraphrase texts
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