Frazier for Teams

Pull in the same direction from the draft to the final audio description.
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Collaboration in Mind

Screenshot Frazier - Add person to project

Set up your team

Invite your colleagues to collaborate on the project, where each member can assume different roles.
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Screenshot Frazier - Commenting


Encourage communication and feedback by allowing comments to be inserted at any moment in the film or directly to a text block.
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Screenshot Frazier - Project transfer settings

Transfer Project

Working alongside your client on Frazier? Enjoy the convenience of transferring projects between accounts.
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What else?

Screen Reader support

Collaborate inclusively with blind and visually impaired colleagues on your project.
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Live Edit

Collaborate seamlessly on projects, whether it's editorial work or collaborative writing, by making simultaneous changes to documents in real time, with all updates synchronized across all users.
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Lock document

Enjoy uninterrupted writing time by locking the document for silence.
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