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What's included?

Everything you need to create an audio description.
Screenshot Frazier Local Mode

Local Mode

Problems with security or copyrights? Do not worry. The video can also be played from your computer.
Screenshot Frazier Live-Preview


Preview your audio description against the original soundtrack with text to speech technology.
Screenshot Frazier Instructions


Include instructions for the studio or voice artist in your audio description script.
Screenshot Frazier Tags


Add locations, people, and items to your glossary.
Screenshot Frazier Search and Replace

Search & Replace

Search & Replace helps you find words in a document and can let you replace all instances of a word.
Screenshot Frazier Bulk Editing

Bulk Editing

Apply changes to multiple cue points and descriptions.
Screenshot Frazier Script Import

Script Import

Import scripts in SRT, VTT or XML format into your project.
Screenshot Frazier Script Export

Script Export

Export your audio description script in DOCX, VTT or SRT format.
Screenshot Frazier Advanced Script Export

Advanced Script Export

Export your audio description script in CSV or XML format.
Screenshot Frazier Machine Translation


Build an audio describer network and collaborate on projects.
Screenshot Frazier Live-Edit

Live Editing

Work on an audio description script with several colleagues at the same time.
Screenshot Frazier Comments


Share your thoughts with teammates when issues crop up.
Screenshot Frazier Text Snippets

Text Snippets

Text snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repetitive text patterns such as names or logo descriptions.
Screenshot Frazier Dialog+


A marker can be added to any position in the video. The marker appears in the list on the right and at the bottom of the timeline.
Screenshot Frazier Machine Translation

Machine Translation

Automatically create multilingual versions of your audio description script.
Screenshot Frazier Custom DOCX Templates

DOCX templates

Customize a DOCX template according to your needs and upload it to your profile.
Screenshot Frazier Dialog+

Transfer Project

You can transfer a project to another user. 
Screenshot Frazier User Management

User Management

Create and manage subaccounts for your company.

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