Frazier Addons

Add even more features to the editor.


Automatically translate your manuscript into 28 languages with the help of DeepL.

Neural Voices

In addition to the standard voices, also use the neural voices from AWS, Google, or Microsoft.


In addition to the standard voices and the neural voices from AWS, Google or Microsoft, you can also use the voices from ElevenLabs.

Audio Export

Export a single audio file with pauses or a ZIP file with several audio files that are to be used later.

Automated Mix

Automatically create a broadcast-ready mix according to the EBU R128 guideline or for other application scenarios (Internet, TV USA).

Fraunhofer MPEG-H

As an alternative to the classic stereo mix, we have integrated Fraunhofer MPEG-H Audio. This makes it possible to create “next generation audio” mixes.


For larger volumes, uploading new films manually is very inefficient. That is why Frazier supports import via SFTP.


LanguageTool is a multilingual spelling, style, and grammar checker that helps correct or paraphrase texts