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Automatic Timecodes

Create a new text field on the timeline and the timecode will be set automatically. If you move the text fields, the timecode adjusts automatically.

Calculation of text length

Describe the scene and set the speaking speed. The text length is calculated automatically and displayed on the timeline. This allows you to see immediately whether the text fits between a dialogue or overlaps with the dialogue.


Start the video and the audio description will be read out automatically. This allows you to quickly check whether the timing is right.


You can include instructions for the recording studio or the speaker directly in your manuscript.
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Add a marker for later research or first mentions at any point in the timeline.
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We support a number of different document formats so that you can deliver the audio description exactly the way your customer wants it.
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Designed for audio describers to create more.

These and other features are available to everyone.


Use keywords to automatically create a glossary.
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Bulk Edit

The "suitcase" has become a "bag"? You have received a new film version, and now you have to move all the texts by 10 seconds? In such situations, you can simply edit several text blocks at the same time.
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Local Mode

The video is played directly from your computer's hard drive.
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Do you always write long and complicated words or names? With the help of text snippets, you can quickly turn "FYI" into "For Your Information" at the touch of a button.
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There are keyboard shortcuts for all important commands that allow you to perform tasks quickly and easily without using the mouse.
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Custom DOCX Templates

If our 3 standard templates are not suitable, you can create a customised DOCX template for each customer.
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