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Paul - British English

"The synthetic voice is very convincing. It sounds like something you would hear on a radio show."

Sarah - American English

"Sarah's voice sounded very natural on the ear. The way she speaks is almost indistinguishable from a human voice."

Katja - Deutsch

"Katja sounds very natural in terms of pronunciation and speech melody."

Pablo - Español

"The quality of the voices was good, very natural!"

Henri - Français

"I found it extremely good to be honest! The voice sounded authentic throughout."

Nora - Italiano

"The voices sounded authentic in Italian. The quality was good overall."

Will - Australian English

"Very realistic! It's nice to hear an Aussie voice when it's usually an American or British speaker used."

Paula - Português

"I was very positively surprised by the synthetic voice. I’d also say 90%, even 95% authentic sometimes. Honestly, the best I’ve heard so far."

Дмитрий - Русский

"Dmitry's voice is very natural. I have a friend from Saint Petersburg and he has the same voice! :) No difference from the automatic one!"

Dawid - Polski

"The WaveNet voice sounded natural throughout the entire dialogue. I was impressed!"

Chi Ming - Mandarin Chinese

"The voice is very good, it sounds natural."

Language Missing?

You can find an overview of the integrated languages in our knowledge base

Choose from over 540 voices in 40 languages.

Whatever the language, find the right voice for your production in our extensive catalogue.
How do I set the language and voice on Frazier?
audio description generator - Screenshot of Frazier showing a list of voices.

Refine the pronunciation.

Is it "wound" like the noun or verb? Use the "Sounds like" feature to make sure the pronunciation is spot on.
How do I refine the pronunciation with the Sounds Like feature on Frazier?
audio description generator - Screenshot of Frazier showing the sounds like feature.

Make adjustments to the speed.

Is there only a small gap in the dialogue? Increase the speed of your description so that it fits.
How do I adjust the speed of my descriptions?
audio description generator - Screenshot of Frazier showing the speed adjustment dropdown.

Generate a text-to-speech file from your script.

Download your text-to-speech audio file and use it for apps such as Greta or Earcatch.
How do I create a text-to-speech file from my audio description?
audio description generator - Screenshot of Frazier showing the text-to-speech output options.

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