Modern And Intuitive Text-To-Speech Authoring Tool For Audio Description

Listen to what you’re writing via the live preview. Work on a project at the same time with other authors. Produce text to speech audio description that’s ready to broadcast right away.

Enjoy a Modern Authoring Tool

Frame-based Authoring Tool

Make sure the timing is nice and precise by setting cue points on the exact frame you need.

Better Workflow

You concentrate on the text, and we’ll take care of the time codes and manuscript. Deal?

Live Preview

Get Frazier to read out the text so you know your audio description is nailing the timing. Sounds good to you?


Tag people, objects, and places to have a better overview of what’s going on. Now you’re it!

Quick Navigation

Lists of all text entries are automatically generated so you can find what you need, when you need it.


Now where did I…? Don’t worry, you can search through your manuscripts quickly and easily.

Batch Processing

Voice speed adjustment, "Sounds like" function, Search & Replace. You can do all this and a whole lot more across text entries.

Project Management

Keep an eye on how all your projects are getting along with our smart overview.

Manuscript Export

DOCX, SRT or VTT - the choice is yours, my friend.

Automatic Scene Recognition

The video is split up into scenes so you don’t get lost in all that footage.

Audio Visualisation

Each section of text is displayed with the audio track. You can move ‘em around using drag and drop.


Keep all those important notes safe in the author’s glossary.

Text Import

Whether it’s TXT, SRT, VTT, we’ve got you covered.

Machine Translation

To get your audio description speaking the right language, we use the best machine translation software out there: DeepL.

Create Text-To-Speech Audio Description (TTS AD)

"Sounds like"

Is it “lead” or “lead”? Adjust the pronunciation for words that are spelt the same.

Automated Mix

What are those loud noises in the background? Use our automated ducking for the perfect mix.

Automatic Level Control

Adjust the levels to conform with official standards, such EU TV, web, and mobile.

Range of Voices

A voice that fits. Choose from over 300 male and female voices provided by Google, AWS, and Microsoft.

Range of Languages

Reach out to global audiences with over 40 languages to choose from.


Export your audio description as a mixed audio file (WAV) or go straight to video (MP4).

Collaborate with other authors

Team Management

Feeling lonely? You can invite other users to get involved in the project!

Rights Management

Decide who has admin, reading, and writing rights for the projects. You’re in charge.


Notice something you want changing? Simply leave a comment on the entry.

Live Editing

Work together on a project and follow all the changes in real time.

Frazier for Companies


Manage who has access to certain projects.


You can choose from various Word templates when it’s time to export the manuscript.

Create Text To Speech Audio Descriptions On The Fly

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